Our experience and expertise in multiple methods of dredging and dewatering for inland water systems has established JND Thomas as a leader in the industry.  We have simplified the process by providing a turnkey solution for our clients.  We include all the major components and refined details in our planning and execution of a project. We have a fleet of cutting edge equipment that is utilized for each client’s needs. JND will plan, prepare, negotiate, and complete your project with clear communication and a strong work ethic to deliver timely and exceptional results. Our streamlined turnkey operations include dredging, staging areas, methodology, dewatering techniques, skilled technicians, comprehensive equipment, disposal and removal of dewatered material, and the rejuvenation of the natural area surrounding the worksite. 


JND has worked on a full-range of projects and has gained extensive experience with various municipalities, agencies, and industries. Our teams have experience partnering with large federal agencies such as the US Army Corp of Engineers as well as years of successfully completing smaller non-profit water projects. We are well-versed in working with government agencies and the regulations and protocols involved in long-term project planning. We are experienced in achieving the progressive goals and swift solutions that accompany municipal timelines. 


At JND, we pride ourselves on deploying a minimal footprint on our worksites. Our dredge and dewatering plants do not require any special sizing permits and take up less than half an acre on site. Restoration of the work area is the final step in all of our projects. Our mission is to cultivate success in the natural world without sacrificing the integrity and safety of the surrounding environment and those in it.