Channel Dredging and Marsh Restoration

Prior to 2008, The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department developed a beneficial use plan for utilizing material from maintenance dredging for the Goose Island Marsh in Aransas County, Texas.
The general plan recognized the need for maintenance dredging to improve navigability at Neptune Harbor and the Goose Island boating ramp.


The material removed from the channels was re-deposited into strategic positions to create “Marsh Mounds” for replanting local grasses for bird habitat and shore stabilization.


All dredging operations were performed under direct supervision and in compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory agencies consistent with issued permits.


Two projects evolved to produce 26,300 and 19,430 cubic yards respectively between 2009 and 2010;


 Relevant Project Elements

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Dredging at an Inland Channel
  • Minimal Disruption to Active Boating
  • Beneficial Re use of Dredged Sediments
  • Improved Environmental Habitat