IN PROGRESS - Maintenance Dredging & Dewatering of Wilde Lake & Lake Elkhorn

Wilde Lake is a 22-acre man-made lake ranging in depth from 7-13 feet. The site was originally a low-lying meadow covered with rough grass, with a small stream running through it.


Wake Elkhorn is a 37-acre man-made lake ranging in depth from 8-15 feet. The lake was built in 1974 and has a surrounding 23 acre park surrounding the lake.

The lakes and dam are overseen by the Colombia Association located in Colombia, Maryland.


Over time, the lakes had become clogged with sediment and vegetation losing their natural storage capacity.


JND Thomas Company, Inc. (JND) was selected by the Colombia Association after visiting the Delavan, Wisconsin jobsite and observing JND’s solution.


The project consists of preparing two separate mechanical dewatering laydown areas for processing lake sediment and hydraulic dredging of 40,800 instu cubic yards of material.


The work requires coordination with local authorities and residents near the lakes and adjacent townhouses.


Relevant Project Elements

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Dredging & Dewatering at an Environmentally Sensitive area
  • Preparation and Restoration of the Mechanical Dewatering  Area
  • Mobilization and Demobilization of a Mobile Multi Component Dewatering Plant
  • Continuous Operation of Multiple Engine Driven components within minimum “Noise”


  • Return Water from Dewatering Operations Averaged 19ml per Liter