Ecosystem Restoration – Geotextile Tube Island Construction & Channel Dredging

In 2005, The Bay Harbor Improvement Association and a local biologist developed a plan to beneficially utilize dredge material as a resource, consistent with the Texas Coastal Zone Mgt Plan to restore vital bayside marsh and bird nesting habitat areas in conjunction with much needed channel dredging.

In February of 2010, Gahagan & Bryant Associates were hired as the lead engineering firm to develop plans and to oversee permitting.


In April of 2010, JND Thomas Company, Inc (JND) was selected as the Prime Contractor for the project and a Notice of Award/Contract was signed on June 16, 2010.


Initially, the project required maintenance dredging of approximately 10,500 cubic yards of material to improve boating access to the bay  from the Bay Harbor residential subdivision. The restoration and island construction aspect required JND  to install perimeter silt fencing to minimize turbidity, utilize geotextile tubes for shoring up the perimeter of Bird Island (which had been eroding) and the replenishment of interior with dredged material from the channel. All dredging operations were performed under direct supervision and in compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory agencies consistent with issued permits.


Relevent Project Elements

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Dredging of similar scope, size and complexity.
  • Utilization of Perimeter Silt Fencing to Minimize Turbidity
  • Utilization of Geotextile Tubes for Creation of  Perimeter Barriers
  • Wetlands Restoration