River Dredging and Basin Construction & Restoration

The plan to dredge the North Concho River between the Beauregard bridge to 14thstreet was part of a $ 7.7 million project to improve the river. The dredging portion was $ 1.3 million and necessary to address the build up of silt, four feet thick on some portions of the river, which ultimately supplies the city of San Angelo’s water needs. The Upper Colorado River Authority oversaw the project and in October of 2009, JND Thomas Company, Inc (JND) was selected as the Prime Contractor for the project.


The project had three additional complexities; first, the additional construction of (8) acres of settling basins, which after filling with sediment, needed to be restored into level grass fields, second, an average pumping distance of over 12,000 feet from dredge to basin, and third, a narrow window of time for dredging between December and March (90 days maximum) due to the “annual habits of the Concho water snake, an endangered species.


These variables required a coordinated effort in basin preparation, pumping of approximately 58,000 cubic yards working twenty-four  hour shifts, six days a week, all within close proximity of local residents and businesses. The basin was constructed in phase I of the project and restored to a level grass field, as planned in phase II, as indicated in the Project Duration.


JND incorporated “sound and noise” reduction measures with all engine driven equipment that resulted in no complaints or imposition for the community.


All dredging operations were performed under direct supervision and in compliance with all local, state and federal regulatory agencies consistent with issued permits.


Relevant Project Elements

  • Hydraulic Maintenance Dredging at an Active River Channel
  • Pumping Distances with Booster over 12,000 Feet
  • Construction and Restoration of (8) Acres of Settling Basins into leveled Grass Fields
  • Adherence and compliance with “endangered species” protocols.
  • Full compliance of TCEQ Storm Water Permit
  • Operating 24 Hours Per Day, Six Days a Week with “Noise Reduction” Modified Equipment