JND Thomas has successfully completed a wide range of inland water projects over the past thirty years. Our scope of work includes multiple long term contracts from the US Army Corp of Engineers to one time hydraulic maintenance dredging at local parks. Our team of seasoned professionals approaches each project with creative solutions and environmentally conscious choices that allow for the most productive and resource-minded plan of action. 


Our experience in the industry makes us a reliable resource for completing projects that involve federal and regional regulations and protocols. JND works closely with the agencies and municipalities governing the details of each project and can navigate the unique logistics of a project to remain on budget and on time. 


We have included a collection of our recent projects. These case studies provide a general overview of our latest work including the techniques we executed to safely meet the project’s goals. From Baltimore to Napa Valley, we are proud of the reach JND has developed to maintain and restore the health of inland waterways across the country.