The build up of lake sediment can greatly impact the health and function of most lakes as well as impede the activities on recreational lakes.  JND has successfully removed and disposed of sediment from lakes affected by a variety of sediment materials and conditions.  At the onset of our lake sediment treatment projects, our team establishes reliable connections with local agencies to ensure the most productive solutions and maintain compliance with laws and permitting requirements.  


The action steps in our lake sediment projects have included creating a mechanical dewatering laydown area for sediment processing, hydraulic dredging, deployment of a mobile dewatering unit, incorporating multiple ground tanks for unique processing functions, removal of material to off-site landfills, and the return of healthy, clean lake water to its original setting.


At JND, we strive to complete our lake sediment projects with little interruption to the area’s inhabitants and activities.  We also restore any natural areas that were affected during the treatment process.