JND Thomas is experienced in handling and treating industrial byproducts or the reclamation of precious earths and minerals. Through a professional and careful identification process, we construct a streamlined action plan to clean and contain the materials.  JND has successfully completed high-volume projects that target cost-effectiveness and standardized efficiencies.  Our process of pumping, screening and dewatering can reclaim and reconstitute the materials back to a marketable state.  Depending on the source, our reclamation methodologies often include filter pressing for a cleaner final product.  We utilize the most effective and technologically advanced methods to dispose of industrial byproducts as well as an experienced staff of employees trained and certified in MSHA and Confined Spaces. 


JND Thomas works with the world’s leading rare earths and rare metals companies to provide dedicated reclamation services.  Our extensive work within this field has produced rare earth concentrates and rare earth oxides for use in clean energy, industrial, and water treatment technologies.  We are proud to offer effective solutions when dealing with byproducts and reclamation issues within industrial manufacturing, wastewater treatment facilities, rare metals and earth, and more.