What types of projects does JND Thomas have experience with?

JND Thomas Company is a full service provider of professional water-based services inland water projects. We work with environmental and commercial companies to clean, restore, dredge, dewater, and maintain the water projects for our clients. We utilize our modern fleet of portable dredging units and dewatering systems for various options in cleaning, filtering, and retaining the health of your waterway.


What types of companies does JND work with?

JND has worked with an array of companies across various industries. We have experience working with federal, regional, and local government agencies as well as small business owners in the fields of industrial manufacturing, livestock and farming, paper mills, landowners, wastewater treatment, and refineries. Our client portfolio includes businesses and governments throughout the continental U.S. with projects ranging from small pond dredging to large scale dewatering sites.


How long does it take to complete most projects?

A project’s timeline is dependent on many factors. Environmental conditions, disposal techniques, treatment options, and budget parameters are just a few of the conditions we consider when building a project’s action plan. At JND, we work closely with all our clients to ensure quality results in a timely manner with projected timelines and costs. We place the safety of employees and the environment at the forefront of each job. 


Why should I choose JND Thomas?

JND Thomas has over 32yrs of experience in the dredging and dewatering industry. Our company has grown alongside the industry’s advancements making us one of the most knowledgeable and well-equipped experts in the field. We have experience working with large government regulatory agencies as well as small, privately owned businesses.