In both natural and manufactured water systems, sediment can accumulate over time reducing the water’s capacity and its overall quality. Unrestricted vegetative growth adds to the poor health of the water’s environment and can disrupt many of the area’s features and natural processes. JND Thomas provides a time-tested mobile dewatering service that effectively removes the accumulated sediment and restores the water system to its original state.


The process of dewatering has evolved with the development of new technology and the decrease in land availability. Due to population growth, new alternatives to dewatering have become imperative to successfully remove sediment and debris from an existing water supply. JND Thomas Company has been at the forefront of developing new dewatering solutions for our clients. Simply stated, our goal has always been to pump slurry in the most environmentally adept and budget-minded methods possible. Our mobile dewatering plant involves the use of clarification tanks and polymers to dewater the sediment and return cleaner, clearer water back to the site. Mechanical dewatering, geotextile tubes, and sediment basin procedures are three of the areas we specialize in for modern dewatering techniques.


JND has worked with many clients to solve dewatering issues of sediment, food wastes, biosolids, and mine tailings. Using data specific logistics and our years of collective knowledge, we create customized dewatering plans for each project. Depending on the material, the climate, and the timeline, we implement a streamlined approach to dewatering.