About JND Thomas Dredging Company

JND Thomas Company, Inc. prides itself in “active listening” to its customers and strives to clearly understand the customer’s needs. Through honest and straight forward collaboration, JND Thomas develops and defines clear and concise solutions consistent with the needs of the customer. The result is a customer driven “cost effective” solution tailored specifically for each customer.


JND Thomas Company, Inc. has established a reputation for over three decades of “getting things done”. Those strengths are accomplished through effective “team building” within itself, through collaboration with its customers and by striving to build upon its ongoing professional network of industry experts and government regulatory authorities.


JND Thomas Company, Inc. mission is to assist all customers with an “environmental sensitive” solution to their solids handling needs. We believe everyone is a steward of the planet and thus we all have a part in managing by-products and their disposal in a fashion consistent with all governmental and best management practices.




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